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#30DaysWild – Day 24 – Bug hunting

With it being the last day of National Insect Week, today I went on a bug hunt!

Taking a stroll around farmer’s field, I saw an amazing array of insects. A wonderfully relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Day 24

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#30DaysWild – Day 20 – National Insect Week, recording ladybirds

Continuing the insect theme for National Insect Week, I have decided join in with some citizen science and record some Ladybirds!

I had a great time hunting for Ladybirds, though I didn’t find many! I found a 2-spot and 14-spot ladybird. I also found what I believe to be my first ever Water Ladybird!

I used an app called iRecord Ladybirds, but if you don’t have a smart phone you can still have a go by visiting the website: UK Ladybird Survey You can find out lots more about Ladybirds there too!

Day 20

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#30DaysWild – Day 19 – National Insect Week, Beetles

Continuing an insect theme for National Insect Week, I went on a bug hunt today. I examined the long grass, inspected bramble bushes and peered into hedgerows that line the farmer’s fields where I walked.

My search was not in vain! I was lucky enough to find 2 longhorn beetles in less than a square foot. I found a few other stunning beetle species along the way.

Such a broad spectrum of colours, sizes and shapes, I never tire of admiring beetles. There’s no such thing as “just a beetle”!

Day 19

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Day 22 #30DaysWild

In honour of National Insect Week I went out bug hunting today, equipped with my pooter!

Day 22a

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Day 4 #30DaysWild

One of my favourite jobs at work was my first duty of today, an invertebrate survey in the Nature Reserve! The place is so beautiful and teeming with life! Everywhere I looked there was something to see!

Invert survey or a bug hunt, looking for those little gorgeous creatures is always rewarding!

Day 04

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My 30 Days Wild: Part 3

Here is the last 10 days of my 30 Days Wild!

Day 21 – Who knew that an old dry log would be so interesting!

The life you can find on an old log!

Day 22 – Today I spent time watching a Goldfinch investigating the bark of a tree!


Day 23 – Popped by my local Kestrel nest … I’m not sure who was watching who today!

Kestrel nest

Day 24 – I was given the choice between doing the books or counting the bugs!

Counting Bugs!

Day 25 – Stuck in traffic? I decided to do a long distance plant survey! I counted 19 different species between two junctions!

Counting plants along the motorway!

Day 26 – Today I rescued a bee from the office, two beetles from the classrooms and a bush cricket from butterfly house!

Beetle rescue

Day 27 – Paused to admire this beautiful fungus growing at the base of dead tree!


Day 28 – Today I enjoyed blue skies, green fields and wild views along the Severn Valley Railway!

Views from the Severn Valley Railway

Day 29 – I got to enjoy the flutterings of these stunning Scarlet Tigers!

Scarlet Tiger

Day 30 – On the last wild day of June, I found this old tractor being reclaimed by the wild!

Recliamed by the wild!

I have really enjoyed doing 30 Days Wild. Being with the wild is something I naturally do every day, so I will be staying wild! I hope that you all will be too!

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My 30 Days Wild: Part 2

Here is the next 10 days of my 30 Days Wild!

Day 11 – Today I spent an hour staring at a stone wall! – This has been my favourite day so far!

Stone Wall WildlifeDay 12 – Wet weather wildlife watching!

Wet Weather WildlifeDay 13 – It’s was pouring down with rain, so I decided that on my long commute I would count all the birds I saw along the M42! Wood Pigeon and Crows won!

Counting Crows on the MotorwayDay 14 – On the patio area outside the office, I found evidence of nesting Starlings!

Starling EggDay 15 – I watched this little beauty buzz about the grass, it was so quick in its investigation of the area that I only got this one photo!

Buzzing beauty!Day 16 – I stood and watch a gorgeous sunset over Market Bosworth!

Sunset over Market BosworthDay 17 – Today I admired the colours, patterns and textures found in nature!

Colours, patterns and texturesDay 18 – Today I did some bug hunting!

Bug huntingDay 19 – Lying back on the grass, enjoying the warm blue sky and the gorgeous greens of an old oak tree!

Blue skies and green treesDay 20 – Walking through a covered walk way at work, I had two Swallows fly around my head. I paused to watch them and then I noticed this nest in a dark corner! I took one (poor quality) photo before leaving the new family in peace!

Swallow's nestYou can find my 30 Days Wild Part 2 here.

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