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My photograph from February

Bright skies, perfectly preened song birds and small splashes of colourful flowers. Small hints that Spring is nigh!

BlackbirdClick to see my photo from last month here.

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For the love of Bees

Curled up cosy in my living room on Saturday night, under a blanket with a mug of tea. I couldn’t help but hear the howling gales and driving rain outside. Spring felt so far away!

I closed my eyes and began to imagine the warm sun on my face, the colours of the newly blossomed wildflowers and the sounds of busy little bees buzzing between them.

Bees … my mind lingered, thinking of those beautiful, furry, precious insects.

Warm fuzzy thoughts of Bees and spring inspired this blog!

It won’t be too long before those warm spring days and bees are upon us, something to look forward to during these cold, blustery winter storms.


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