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Butterflies of last summer

I stepped out today into spring’s sun and headed straight to my local patch.

Enjoying the peace of the outdoors and revelling in all the newly emerged wildlife, I was able to contemplate the approaching sunny seasons. The flowers, birds and bugs. Just like every year, I am going to enjoy this summer!

I was lucky enough to grab a photo of a female Orange Tip. A species that has alluded me in the past. It was then I remembered I had so many photos of butterflies from last year, none of which I had shared. So here, in celebration of last summer and in anticipation of the summer to come, are some photos of butterflies I took in 2018.

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Day 7 #30DaysWild

I have had two wild moments today, the first was just after midnight. I stepped into my garden to hear the chobble of a hedgehog munching mealworms in its little hide!

I also took a stroll around my new favourite local wild patch, Burbage Common. I only discovered this place in March but I’ve already seen so many changes in those few months. I was also chuffed to spot a Blue Tit nest!

Day 07.jpg

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My photograph from February

Bright skies, perfectly preened song birds and small splashes of colourful flowers. Small hints that Spring is nigh!

BlackbirdClick to see my photo from last month here.

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For the love of Bees

Curled up cosy in my living room on Saturday night, under a blanket with a mug of tea. I couldn’t help but hear the howling gales and driving rain outside. Spring felt so far away!

I closed my eyes and began to imagine the warm sun on my face, the colours of the newly blossomed wildflowers and the sounds of busy little bees buzzing between them.

Bees … my mind lingered, thinking of those beautiful, furry, precious insects.

Warm fuzzy thoughts of Bees and spring inspired this blog!

It won’t be too long before those warm spring days and bees are upon us, something to look forward to during these cold, blustery winter storms.


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Worcester in Flood 2016

I was back in Worcester for the day on Tuesday. I had a few moments to myself, and so seized the opportunity to witness the flood waters and the swans of the River Severn.

Mute SwanMute SwanMute SwanSwans amongst the pigeonsMute SwanPuddles and rain dropsSilhouettes at sunset

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My Photograph from December

December’s unseasonable mild weather has left a few insects confused. They’re up and about all over the place.

I got my own surprise on Christmas day, a wasp searching for a sheltered spot in amongst some bracket fungus on an old tree stump.

Wasp on Christmas Day

This is my last of my photographs of the month for 2015, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year and a wonderfully wild 2016!

Click here to see my photo from last month here.

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My photograph from February!

A short wander to my local park at the very start of February yielded a treat.

Not only had the spring-summer resident Tufted Duck arrived, but two other guests were mingling between the throng of resident Mallards. Two (bossy) Gadwall were enjoying the delights of the local duck pond, squaring up to any Mallard deemed to have stepped out of line!

I think these petite ducks are rather pretty, certainly a welcome guest to my local park!


Click here to see my January Photograph

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Worcester in flood February 2014

As the flood waters recede in Worcester, I thought I would share with you a few photographs I have taken over the past few weeks.

Swan flying upstreamSwans flying upstream rather than battle against the increased strength of the River Severn’s current.

Stretching SwanA Swan stretching its wings on the river bank, a place that is normally fountains where children play.

Swans swimming at a resautant's doorNormally on the dry banks of the River Severn, Browns Restaurant now has Swans swimming to its door.

Swans resting in the light of duskSwans resting and stretching in the light of dusk on a road normally log-jammed with traffic.

Worcester CathedralA view of the Cathedral from the flood water’s edge.

Bridge to nowhere!Bridge to nowhere!

Sunset reflected in the flood watersSunset reflected in the flood waters that cover a playing field, a temporary new home for some Mallards.

Moon light reflected in the flood watersMoon reflected in the flood waters covering the same playing field.  The area is normally grass to the line of trees.

River overspilling into Gheluvelt ParkRiver overspilling into Gheluvelt Park, the fence-line marks where a path normally runs.

View from Carrington BridgeA look down across the River Severn from the Carrington Bridge. You can see little islands which are actually the tops of trees that normally run along the river’s edge.

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Things that Spring

The days have been getting longer and the anticipation has been growing stronger. Spring is here! The time of year that delights everyone! Migrant animals start arriving, the hibernating beasts awake and the naturalist relish every minute.


Frog SpawnA mass of tadpoles!











It’s the time of year where you can watch spawn turn to tadpoles, tadpoles to froglets, froglets to frogs.


Young Smooth Newt




Smooth Newt

Smooth Newt






Common Newts wake from their muddy winter hibernation and migrate to local ponds. A new generation is brought about by captivating flashing of tails.


Dung Fly


New sightings can be made. To me, cow pats are something to avoid rather than take a closer look at, otherwise I might have seen this odd looking Dung Fly before. There’s always something new to find in this big wide natural world.


PeacockSmall Tortoiseshell





Speckled Wood






Peacocks; Small Tortoiseshells; Speckled Wood start appearing and flitting about!


Blue Tit fledglingGreat Tit






Blue Tit and Great Tit chicks are heard and then seen. Some are keenly watched by millions from egg to first flight; others families are the private delight to a loyal naturalist visiting their treasured local spot.

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