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#30DaysWild – Day 12 – Watched a spider spin its web!

I stepped out at golden hour to find my wild moment, a little late in the day but you never know what you might see.

As the rich sunlight shone across a lovely meadow, a spider caught my eye. Moving back and forth with careful precision I realised it was spinning its web. I stayed and watched as the sun got lower in the sky and the strands of silk went from gold to silver. It looked like hard work for the little arachnid, but the end result was beautiful to see!

Day 12

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My Photograph from October

This month’s photograph was taken early on in October.

I took a late evening walk around the local nature reserve. The mist was rising in the cool evening light and the spiders webs began is glisten with the crystal-drops of water caught on the fine strands of silk, stretched between high stems of Meadow sweet.

Spider's WebClick here to see my photo from last month here.

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