My 30 Days Wild: Part 2

Here is the next 10 days of my 30 Days Wild!

Day 11 – Today I spent an hour staring at a stone wall! – This has been my favourite day so far!

Stone Wall WildlifeDay 12 – Wet weather wildlife watching!

Wet Weather WildlifeDay 13 – It’s was pouring down with rain, so I decided that on my long commute I would count all the birds I saw along the M42! Wood Pigeon and Crows won!

Counting Crows on the MotorwayDay 14 – On the patio area outside the office, I found evidence of nesting Starlings!

Starling EggDay 15 – I watched this little beauty buzz about the grass, it was so quick in its investigation of the area that I only got this one photo!

Buzzing beauty!Day 16 – I stood and watch a gorgeous sunset over Market Bosworth!

Sunset over Market BosworthDay 17 – Today I admired the colours, patterns and textures found in nature!

Colours, patterns and texturesDay 18 – Today I did some bug hunting!

Bug huntingDay 19 – Lying back on the grass, enjoying the warm blue sky and the gorgeous greens of an old oak tree!

Blue skies and green treesDay 20 – Walking through a covered walk way at work, I had two Swallows fly around my head. I paused to watch them and then I noticed this nest in a dark corner! I took one (poor quality) photo before leaving the new family in peace!

Swallow's nestYou can find my 30 Days Wild Part 2 here.

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