#30DaysWild – Day 24 – Practicing my tree ID!

Today I thought I would practice my tree ID. I went out to my local park and photographed the leaves of as many species of tree I could find. Not wanting to pick the leaves, I used the inside of my note book to make sure I got a clear photo of each leaf. It was good exercise the little grey cells!Hawthorn




Field maple






Dog rose



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#30DaysWild – Day 23 – Macro photos on a mobile phone

My mobile isn’t exactly the smartest of phones, and the camera is far from DSLR quality in terms of photos. However, I was given a little gadget at Christmas that has been rather fun to play with, and that’s a clip-on mobile macro lens. The amount of detail that shows through is amazing.

So today I decided to get a little closer to nature and took my phone and clip-on lens out into the wild. These are some of the photos I managed to take.

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#30DaysWild – Day 22 – Butterflies

I haven’t seen many butterflies this year, but today I managed to spy 4 species of butterfly. I saw a Peacock, a Red Admiral, a Common Blue and a Small Skipper. I caught a few photos to share with you.

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#30DaysWild – Day 21 – Spotted my first flycatcher!

Today I saw my first flycatcher! I knew it the moment I saw it! What agile and pretty little thing! I am over the moon!


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#30DaysWild – Day 20 – Appreciating the wild world

Today I was able to spend some peaceful time appreciating the wild world around me. I got to listen to the birds sing, admire some beautiful bugs and adore the colourful splendour of wildflowers!

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#30DaysWild – Day 19 – Life (and death) among the buttercups

While wandering through a meadow I spotted a cluster of buttercups. I stopped to take a closer look and found a microcosm of life among the petals, with each flower having its own story to tell.

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#30DaysWild – Day 18 – Bee Orchid revisited

I was thinking today that this time last year I had found a bee orchid. I wondered if there would be one in the same place this year … So I went back to the place where I found the original orchid and only a few feet away I found another growing! I have to say I was very pleased to see another of these beautiful flowers growing. I took a could of photos to share with you here!

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#30DaysWild – Day 17 – A day of bugs

A warmer day with a break in the rain was just what we all needed. It was indeed all it took for the bugs to come out and about! Here are just a few I saw today!

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#30DaysWild – Day 16 – Bradgate Park wild weekend

As it was Bradgate Park’s Wild Weekend, I thought I would pop along and see what was going on. I have been the last few years and have really enjoyed myself and this year was not an exception. The stands of all the wildlife and conservation organisations were all very interesting, the people manning them were clearly all very passionate. I will look forward to next year’s event!

The walk to and from the event was full of wildlife – cheeky jackdaws, fuzzy little ducklings, pollen covered bees, noisy grasshoppers and of course the park’s resident deer.

A thoroughly pleasant day and a very welcome break from the rain!

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#30DaysWild – Day 15 – Watching the birds visit the bird feeder

Over the past few weeks I have had to refilled my new bird feeder a couple of times. I have also managed to catch glimpses of hungry visitors snatching a quick seed or two. So today I thought I would spend a little time with a cuppa and my camera, watching to see who would visit my bird feeder.

On the bird feeder I saw Blue Tits, Robins and Chaffinches. But, I also saw in the hedgerow opposite Coal tits, Goldfinches, Blackbirds, Collared Doves and a Squirrel!

After today, I think I’ll be relaxing by my window more often!

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