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You may remember that in September last year, I started looking after a orphaned hedgehog. Just 80 grams when he was found, Milligan the hoglet grew into a healthy adult hedgehog ready for the wild.

You can find my previous blogs on his progress here:

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Milligan gaining grams

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This has taken me a while to write as, despite best efforts, I got attached to Milligan.

But, I’m pleased to report that Milligan the hedgehog was released some months ago, mid-spring.

He was last seen disappearing into the undergrowth of an insect filled garden … all 1048 grams of him!

My flatmate and I want to thank our parents, Morris-Henshaw and his parents, our colleagues and friends for their help. Be it transport, photos, food and foraging ideas, a hedgehog-hutch or a garden! We appreciated all your help!

I shall leave this post with two photographs so you can see how him change over the months. One of him when he was found and one as he was taken to be released!

Milligan when first foundMilligan on his way to be released

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