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National Insect Week – day 7

My final insect photo for National Insect Week, is of a Large Red Damselfly.
Be they little thin lines of bright blue, a dash of red, or a gem colour resting on some reeds, damselflies are real beauties of insect world!

Large Red Damselfly

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National Insect Week – day 6

Today’s insect photo is of a Wasp.
Whether you call them Jaspers or Yellow Jackets, you are probable familiar with these handsome black and yellow predators. They spend their time catching the flies, aphids and other insects from air to feed to their hungry larval sisters. The more I learn about these much maligned and misunderstood creatures, the more I love them!


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National Insect Week – day 5

Today’s insect photo is of a Bloody-nosed Beetle.
On an exciting excursion to St. Davids in Wales, I found this beauty plodding along a stone wall. I’d never seen such a big beetle before, it had a determined walk which was so purposeful. It evidently had a clear idea of what it wanted to do and where it wanted to be!

Bloody-nosed Beetle

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National Insect Week – day 4

Today’s insect photo is of a Root-Maggot Fly!
While walking through a SSSI on a farm, a few bright white puffballs caught my attention. On closer inspection, I saw this little spotty blue-grey fly and I thought it looked quite striking against the bright white fungus.

Root-Maggot Fly

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National Insect Week – day 3

Today’s insect photo is of a Honey Bee!
I have a particular soft spot for Honey Bees, as my Grandpa was a bee keeper. I have fond childhood memories of his bees. When I visited my Grandparents, I used to love to go and say hello to the hives at the end of their garden. I enjoyed watching them as a child and I still enjoy the company bees as an adult.

Honey Bee

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National Insect Week – day 2


Today’s insect photo is of a Small Copper!
Of all the UK butterflies, I find the Small Copper the most exciting to see! So I was thrilled when I found this one resting on a Blackthorn bush.

Small Copper

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National Insect Week – day 1

It’s National Insect Week this week! You can find out a little more about it here:
To mark the occasion, I’m going to be posting an insect photo a day!

Today I have chosen to share with you a fascinating encounter I had with a Wood Ant. I took a moment to admire this amazing little creature, she made it clear that my attention wasn’t wanted by adopting an defensive posture! So I left her and her sisters in peace!Wood Ant

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