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My photograph from January!

I decided at new year that though I wasn’t making any resolutions, blogging a little more often in 2015 would be a good thing!

To that end, I decided that once a month I would review the photographs I had taken that month, pick out single photograph and blog it!

January’s photograph is of a Grey Wagtail, sat on the collected debris in a shallow city stream. Almost in silhouette against the dusk light reflected in the stream’s torrent!

Grey Wagtail - January


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My 2014 in wildlife photographs: Part 2 – Birds and Mammals

For me, 2014 has been full of birds, the beautiful ones you can enjoy every day! From cute, fluffy ducklings to phenomenal starling murmurations, it’s been a utter delight to witness!
Here are my favourite 12 photographs I’ve taken of birds in 2014!

CormorantDunnock blog





Starling MurmurationNesting Sparrow





Pigeon at the moment of take-offNesting swan at golden hour





KestrelHeron on a frosty morning





Gulls at golden hourGull taking off





DucklingBlue tit and berries








The Mammals!

I don’t generally photograph many mammals, unless it’s a squirrel, I’m normally too surprised to pick my camera. I had a wonderful moment watching a weasel with its prey this summer, I didn’t photograph it, I was too busy marvelling at it with my own eyes! But I did manage to catch a photo of a handsome Rat, a cheeky Squirrel and charming Fox this year, so here they are!






I must admit I am rather excited to find out what wonderful wildlife encounters I will have in 2015! May your wildlife encounters of 2015 be thrilling and beautiful!
Happy New Year Everyone!

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