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#30DaysWild – Day 30 – Morecambe: Wild Weather, Wild Art and Wildlife!

Today I took a trip out to Morecambe, I had never been before and I was very excited to be by the sea!

The weather was wild! The wind was so strong I am amazed to still be on my feet! The sand blew up off the beach and was drifting on the sea front, it was like walking through sand paper! Once clear of the sand, I had the chance to look around the tidal area, the mudflats looked desolate, moody, awe-inspiring! A perfect place for sea birds.

The occasional bird struggled to fly against the wind, or whipped passed in the opposite direction! A few had given up and had just sat down in the seaweed and mud! I saw Herring Gulls, Lesser Black-Backed Gulls, Black-Headed Gulls, Crows, Magpies, Pigeons, Starlings, House Sparrows, Pied Wagtails, 2 Terns and 2 Oystercatchers.

One thing that really impressed me was how the town had embraced the bird life that visited the bay. The was sculptures and art in honour of many different species; some were individual pieces, other decorated bollards or fence lines.


I’m home now and feeling rather wind swept, happy and exhausted from my thrilling day by the sea!

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#30DaysWild – Day 11 – Roof top car park!

A trip to town meant finding somewhere to park, my favourite place is always the roof top of a multi-storey. It’s where the birds hang out, it is most definitely their domain!

While I munched my midday snack, I watched and admired the feathered beauties. Perched for a quiet moment, high above the busy streets below.

They might be pigeons and gulls and not some exotic rarity, but taking a closer look you have the chance to see that these birds have both elegance and endurance!

Day 11



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My photograph from November and December!

My monthly blog has been a little haphazard this year, as proved by the fact I’m posting November and December’s photos together this month! But I do find this a fun exercise and maybe it is something I’ll carry through into 2017. However until then I’ll leave you with my last two photos for 2016 and wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

November – A squirrel enjoying hawthorn berries!img_1701pscc

December – Gulls and starlings on Brighton beach!img_2047pscc

Click to see my previous month’s photo here.

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My 2015

My 2015 was a good year, it was also a very busy one!

Choosing a photograph per month to blog was both enjoyable and a challenge. It’s something I’ll be carrying through into 2016.

There were many other photographs that I loved to, so here are a few highlights .


Have a wonderful 2016 everyone!


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My Photography from June

Of all the wild things I did over June, I had one clear winner for my photograph of the month.

Portrait of a Lesser Black-Backed Gull!

Lesser Black-Backed Gull

Click here to see my photo from last month here.

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