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#30DaysWild – Day 29 – Oak tree of life

I stopped today to admire the grandeur of an old oak tree, yet it was the little tiny lives being lived on the bark that got my full attention.

The whole trunk was alive, from the ants heaving their heavy prey to their nest, to the ladybird larvae wandering cross the cracks in the bark and the weavil who eyed me with care as I took its portrait. It was a marvel!

I was only with the tree 10 minutes but I was blown away by the diversity of life that was supported by the bark of the tree trunk. So much more life in the branches and leaves above that I can only imagine!


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#30DaysWild – Day 24 – Practicing my tree ID!

Today I thought I would practice my tree ID. I went out to my local park and photographed the leaves of as many species of tree I could find. Not wanting to pick the leaves, I used the inside of my note book to make sure I got a clear photo of each leaf. It was good exercise the little grey cells!Hawthorn




Field maple






Dog rose



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#30DaysWild – Day 9 – Cycling in the countryside

I cycle to work quite regularly. And though there are occasional days when the distance or the weather can make to journey quite daunting before breakfast, it is a scenic journey!

Throughout the year I get to watch sun rises and sun sets, listen to the birds and watch how the landscape changes with the seasons. I’ve also given nicknames to the horses I pass on my journey!

On this cool June morning, the sun might not have been out but the greens of trees were lush! The birds were singing beautifully – Skylarks, Swallows and Yellowhammers. It was a thoroughly pleasant way to make my journey to work. I did take a moment to pause and while taking a slug of water I watched a Treecreeper hopping about the branches of an old Oak tree. I even got to wave a greeting to my favourite equine friends (Sensible Pony and Foal).

On a day like today, I don’t miss driving on the M42!

Day 9

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#30DaysWild day 17, 18, 19 and 20

After a few busy days, I’m playing catch up with my 30 Days Wild blog.

Day 17 – Bradgate Park, Wildlife Weekend

I knew Saturday was going to be a good ‘wild’ day when I heard my first cuckoo of the year right at the very beginning.

I managed to get myself to Bradgate Park again. This time to help out on the stand for my local bat group who were attending the park’s Wild Weekend. There were lots of other wildlife organisations there and I enjoyed having a little nosey at their stands too.

The last few hours of the day I spent walking through the park and despite the blistering heat, the wildlife was really active in the summer sun.

Day 18 – A little Leafcutter Bee

While being given a lift I had an encounter with a lovely little Leafcutter Bee. It came through the window as the car was moving at a little speed. It landed in my lap stunned, so I held it in my hands for a few minutes as it gained its bearings. As we slowed for a junction the wee mite found its wings and was back out through the open window into the world!

Day 19 – Moths

Today I found some rather beautiful moths in places you wouldn’t normally look!


Day 20 – A country drive

While driving through the countryside my friend and I stopped to enjoy the grand oaks that lined the narrow lanes. The gentle breeze was a cool welcome sensation on the skin. A simple moment of peace and serenity.

Country lanes

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#30DaysWild day 4 – Green leaves and a red beetle

Stood in a little woody patch at work today, I found myself looking at the species of trees around me. The more I looked the more I saw, what on the surface looked like mainly scots pine and dogwood, had 11 different species!

Leaves cc

While looking at all those green leaves, a little splash of red caught my eye. A Red-Headed Cardinal Beetle was crawling round the under growth before spreading its wings to find new ground.


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