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My photograph of the month for January

In early January I got to photograph this pretty little Dunnock, foraging in and out of the golden sunlight under a Yew tree.


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My favourite wildlife moment of 2019

I had wanted to publish this blog over the new year, unfortunately I had a nasty bout of flu so I had to delay this post.

In November I took a trip that I had wanted to do for a few years. It was to Donna Nook, famous for grey seals. In November and December the grey seals come up onto the beach in huge numbers to breed. It is an impressive sight! The day was wonderful, the baby seals were adorable! What I wasn’t expecting was the noise of the seals, so loud you can hear from the car park. It is an eerie sound, yet somehow it is enchanting!

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust do a fantastic job of counting and looking out for the safety of the seals, while also taking the time to talk with visitors about the seals and the local wildlife.

I took so many photos that I did have a hard time choosing which ones to share with you. There are a lot of cute baby seal photos, but as you will see, there was room for other wildlife to live amongst these magnificent marine mammals.

I am already looking forward to visiting again next year!

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My photograph of the month for September

My choice for my photo for September was clear. This little moment of urban wild was a real highlight for me.

Walking along a path in the rain, housing estate lining one side and the river the other, I stumbled on this handsome frog. Sat proud in the middle of the path, I got down low to capture the frog in its urban surroundings.

Once I had photographed its best side, the frog hopped off to the damp safety of the nearby river bank, leaving me with a this photo and a spring in my step!


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#30DaysWild – Day 12 – Indoor safari

After 4 days of rain, today I went on an indoor safari! Exploring my new home, unsurprisingly, I didn’t find too much. I did find a couple of very pretty moths and a lovely spider!

I promise I shall encourage them back outside once the weather subsides.


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#30DaysWild – Day 11 – Soggy wildlife

Today I got a little soggy out in the wind and rain, at least I got to go inside to dry off. I can only sympathise with the wildlife that is stuck out in this seemingly unending cold wet weather!

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#30DaysWild – Day 6 – Silhouettes

Such a bright sunny day, a great day to look for bugs. As I approached a pretty dogwood bush, I saw that a few insects were resting on the leaves sunning themselves. A few were sitting up high, I could see their silhouettes cast through the leaves. I spent a moment watching them move about, enjoying the shadows they cast through the colourful leaves.





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#30DaysWild – Day 1 – New home

I have been very excited about 30 Days Wild. Even though I am out and about most of the time, enjoying the wildlife and world around me 30 Days Wild just makes me think a little harder about what I do every day.

This year is going to be a slight challenge as I am in the middle of moving house. Internet is going to become a little bit hard to come by. But if I don’t manage to blog each day, I will catch up as soon as I can!

So here’s the important bit, what I did for the 1st day of 2019’s 30 Days Wild … I put a bird feeder up in my new home!


I don’t have a garden, so a window one will have to do. I shall be excited to find out who will visit. I hope to update you when I do!

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My photograph of the month for January

My first photograph of the month for 2019 is of this lovely House Sparrow.

I had the chance to experiment with the lighting as I took this photo, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I hope I get the chance to try this out again!IMG_9611PScc

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30 Days Wild – Day 1 – Beginnings!

Today begins 30 Days Wild and I have been so excited about this!

I got to submit my first record to the Great British Bee Count, a lovely little Tawny Mining Bee!

I also decided to begin a wildlife diary, last year it only lasted the length of June, but maybe I’ll keep it going longer this year!

There’s something else I’m excited about, I’ve been saving it for today. I’m going to begin the book “Journey to the Ants”. Having long admired it, I was given it for my birthday. Wanting to savour its every page, I put next to my bed until I would have time to fully appreciate it! I got to say, I am grinning from ear to ear with anticipation, so if you’ll excuse me, I have a book to begin!

Day 1

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#30DaysWild day 16 – An early morning visitor!

My wild moment today happened very early on, 3:30am in fact. Waking up and needing a glass of water, I headed down stairs. A quick nosey out into the garden lead me to find a hedgehog scoffing the food left out for it. I normally step away at this point but as a one off I quickly took a single photo, lit by the light of the screen of my mobile phone. I then let the hungry hog be.


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