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#30DaysWild – Day 18 – National Insect Week, Ants

As it is National Insect Week, I thought I would try and mark the occasion by following a bug theme. Today’s bug, Ants!

I love ants! I don’t think we appreciate them enough! That’s why today I decided to get down on their level and spend some time watching them on their march to and fro! I shot this video on a gravel path next to a car park. This hive of frenetic activity is at such a low level that it went completely unnoticed by the people around me.

It also gave me time to reflect on the book I have been reading “Journey to the ants”.

Such fascinating creatures, I have truly revelled in today! I may just have to do this again (and again, and again)!

Day 18

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Day 26 #30DaysWild

Last day in National Insect Week, so I marked the occasion by watching a Natural World (from 2011) called “Butterflies: A Very British Obsession”. Though a few years old, it was wonderful and eccentrically British!

Day 26

Headed out to the shops but was delayed as when I stepped outside I came across this stunning female Ghost Moth! I was really rather taken with this beauty!

Continuing the Lepidoptera theme, I decided to get a little arty and paint a picture of butterfly! I haven’t finished it yet so I shall share a photo of it tomorrow.

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Day 25 #30DaysWild

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to meet 2 very interesting and beautiful little insects!

Day 25a
Cerceris arenaria – a solitary wasp

Day 25b.jpg
Halictus tumulorum – Bronze Furrow Bee

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Day 24 #30DaysWild

One of those days when you come across a creature that makes you go WOW! This incredible insect is a Hawthorn Sawfly!

Day 24

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Day 23 #30DaysWild

Today I came across this excellently camouflaged little beetle – a Green Tortoise Beetle. I think it’s amazing!

Continuing on the beetle theme, I rescued this Lesser Stag Beetle from the middle of a busy path, returning it a rotten log.

Day 23c

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Day 22 #30DaysWild

In honour of National Insect Week I went out bug hunting today, equipped with my pooter!

Day 22a

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Day 21 #30DaysWild

Today I watched with fascination the frenetic actions of the ants in my garden, scuttling with a singleness of purpose unfathomable to me!

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Day 20 #30DaysWild

It’s National Insect Week! So I have decided I’m going to be blogging about bugs for the rest of the week!

My first blog is about a lovely little bush in my back garden I inherited from the previous tenant and the bees are all a-buzz about it! It’s Purple Toadflax and come pouring rain or shine, there is always at least one busy bee visiting these little purple flowers!

In the nice weather like I had here today, it’s covered in at least 6 bees from 3 different species! Wonderful to watch!

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National Insect Week – day 7

My final insect photo for National Insect Week, is of a Large Red Damselfly.
Be they little thin lines of bright blue, a dash of red, or a gem colour resting on some reeds, damselflies are real beauties of insect world!

Large Red Damselfly

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National Insect Week – day 6

Today’s insect photo is of a Wasp.
Whether you call them Jaspers or Yellow Jackets, you are probable familiar with these handsome black and yellow predators. They spend their time catching the flies, aphids and other insects from air to feed to their hungry larval sisters. The more I learn about these much maligned and misunderstood creatures, the more I love them!


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