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Things that Spring

The days have been getting longer and the anticipation has been growing stronger. Spring is here! The time of year that delights everyone! Migrant animals start arriving, the hibernating beasts awake and the naturalist relish every minute.


Frog SpawnA mass of tadpoles!











It’s the time of year where you can watch spawn turn to tadpoles, tadpoles to froglets, froglets to frogs.


Young Smooth Newt




Smooth Newt

Smooth Newt






Common Newts wake from their muddy winter hibernation and migrate to local ponds. A new generation is brought about by captivating flashing of tails.


Dung Fly


New sightings can be made. To me, cow pats are something to avoid rather than take a closer look at, otherwise I might have seen this odd looking Dung Fly before. There’s always something new to find in this big wide natural world.


PeacockSmall Tortoiseshell





Speckled Wood






Peacocks; Small Tortoiseshells; Speckled Wood start appearing and flitting about!


Blue Tit fledglingGreat Tit






Blue Tit and Great Tit chicks are heard and then seen. Some are keenly watched by millions from egg to first flight; others families are the private delight to a loyal naturalist visiting their treasured local spot.

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