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#30DaysWild – Day 14 – Burbage Common

I haven’t been to Burbage Common for quite a while, so today it was really nice to visit an old familiar wild site.

I walked through the peaceful gorgeous woodland, surrounded by lush vegetation and birdsong. I spotted a miniscule spider spinning a new web on a small sapling. I was of course delighted to see the obligatory squirrels that come with such a beautiful woodland.

As I wandered a little further I came to a gateway that open onto a meadow, full of buttercups and ox eye daisies. Butterflies that danced above the wildflowers and grasses. The beetles and bees were more busy, flying directly from flower to flower, but taking the time to drink from the colourful blooms.

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#30DaysWild – Day 12 – Woodland relaxation

I found a lush green patch of woodland, far from any other human being. I stood and listened, embracing the bliss that followed.

The songs of birds surrounded me – a chiffchaff’s rhythmic beat, the trill of a wren, the deeper melody of blackbirds.

The breeze shifted through the leaves, like waves on a beach. I felt the air move over my skin and through my hair.

Every sight, sound and sensation was perfect for relaxation!

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#30DaysWild day 5 – Burbage Common

On the way back from the supermarket, I decided to pop to my favourite wild patch – Burbage Common.

I love it there, it’s always full of bird life … except this time. It was quiet, too quiet. I stood looking up and down the small road that leads to the car park wondering what had happened, when a Sparrowhawk swept across the road.

A few short minutes later, the birds began to sing again knowing the danger of a predator had passed. The first bird to pop down into sight was beautiful Jay. Wood pigeons appeared and then 3 Crows few by, a cheeky Robin and a foraging Chaffinch where next. A hungry squirrel appeared and spent some time munching through a pile of mealworms that had been left out for the wildlife.

Definitely worth the detour!

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Day 7 #30DaysWild

I have had two wild moments today, the first was just after midnight. I stepped into my garden to hear the chobble of a hedgehog munching mealworms in its little hide!

I also took a stroll around my new favourite local wild patch, Burbage Common. I only discovered this place in March but I’ve already seen so many changes in those few months. I was also chuffed to spot a Blue Tit nest!

Day 07.jpg

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