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#30DaysWild – Day 11 – Soggy wildlife

Today I got a little soggy out in the wind and rain, at least I got to go inside to dry off. I can only sympathise with the wildlife that is stuck out in this seemingly unending cold wet weather!

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My photograph for October, November and December

The last part of the year I haven’t done my photo of the month, but as it is New Year’s Eve I thought I would play catch up and start 2019 with a clean slate.


Cycling home one night along a pitch black country lane, I was amazed to find a tiny green caterpillar making the grand epic journey of crossing the road. It was nearly at its journey end, so I watched its final steps on the grey tarmac before it reached the green grass of the verge. I used my bike lights to help me take this photo and brighten the path of the caterpillar.



I took a wander round my local patch on one of the very few days I had off when the weather was good. The sun was out and gave a tiny amount of warmth to the winter’s air. That’s when I spotted this beauty. I was thrilled to get a snap of this lovely bright wasp.



Bit of urban wildlife for this month. A gathering of feral pigeons grabbed my attention. Putting the camera down at their level I was able to get this photo of the hungry birds.



As this is my last post for 2018 I will wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and the very best for 2019.

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#30DaysWild – Day 6 – My friend’s garden and lots of happy bees!

Today I went to visiting a friend. She is a passionate gardener and it shows, her garden is beautiful, so full of colour and life.

After a cup of tea and a catch up, we stepped out into the stunning summer garden. There were so many bees, butterflies and bugs! There was one plant in particular that caught my eye – Buxton’s blue geranium. It was covered in 4 different species of bees! There were honey bees as well as carder bees, red-tailed bumblebees and buff-tailed bumblebees!

But it wasn’t just bees, there were mullein moth caterpillars, lots of wolf spiders carrying their silken egg sacks, a holly blue butterfly and a cinnabar.

The whole time we were serenaded by a very loud blackbird!

With great company, the warmth of the sun, some beautiful bird song and watching some lovely bugs … it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Day 6



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Hiding in plain sight

Walking along a woodland ride I spotted a Speckled Wood butterfly flitting about. I followed in the hopes of taking a few photographs of it and after grabbing a few shots I stood up straight, finding this a big, hairy & stripy caterpillar in my face.

I had been completely oblivious to it until that point, even though it was right in my eye line.

This wonderfully camouflaged caterpillar of the Buff-tip moth was quite a sight to see. I hope I find the adult form some the spring.

It seemed exceptionally large too, a good third bigger than what the guides tell me. To me, it looked 10-12cm long. I regret not doing a size comparison now!

Full length photo of caterpillarClose-up of the caterpillar's middle







Head of the caterpillar







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