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#30DaysWild – Day 3 – Red-headed cardinal beetle

My wild moment of the day occurred on a visit to town.

Built up browns and greys is not a place I expected to find a bright red gem. Yet there was, in the middle of the pavement, a red-headed cardinal beetle. Unaware of the dangers of the feet, that trudged by oblivious to the tiny life sat in a desert of tarmac.

I offered the little beetle my finger and it climbed aboard. I scanned the area for any vegetation. Spying a hawthorn bush, I introduced the scarlet creature to the oasis of green. Without hesitation it scurried into its safe new home.

I left my tiny friend there, thankful for the colour it had brought my day.




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Nature’s Gems

Sometimes nature comes and finds you.

Like the emerald Flower Beetle that might land next to you on your lunch break …

Flower BeetleFlower Beetle

Flower Beetle

or the curious ruby coloured Garden Chafer that plods over to see what you are before getting bored and plodding off again …

Garden ChaferGarden Chafer








and the crimson red Cardinal Beetle that uses you as a landing pad!

Cardinal BeetleCardinal Beetle







I think it’s fair to say that I’m besotted by these beautiful beetles!

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