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#30DaysWild – Day 23 – Macro photos on a mobile phone

My mobile isn’t exactly the smartest of phones, and the camera is far from DSLR quality in terms of photos. However, I was given a little gadget at Christmas that has been rather fun to play with, and that’s a clip-on mobile macro lens. The amount of detail that shows through is amazing.

So today I decided to get a little closer to nature and took my phone and clip-on lens out into the wild. These are some of the photos I managed to take.

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#30DaysWild – Day 17 – A day of bugs

A warmer day with a break in the rain was just what we all needed. It was indeed all it took for the bugs to come out and about! Here are just a few I saw today!

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My photograph from September!

My photograph for September is a tiny little bee, spotted foraging on the flower of a creeping thistle!


Click to see my previous month’s photo here.

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My Big Butterfly Count 2016

I take part in the Big Butterfly Count every year. It’s great fun to do and I would encourage anyone to do it!

Though I’ve now been in the Market Bosworth area for a year now, this is the first opportunity do the Big Count here.

As always, I enjoyed my count. The chosen place was my local patch, it is so full of life! In the 15 minutes of doing the survey, not only did I see 9 different species of butterfly, but I also saw Dragonflies, Damselflies, Bees, Snails, Birds and, Black and Yellow Longhorn beetle. I even had a frog jump over my foot!

If you want to take part, you can find out more at The Big Butterfly Count website here.

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My photograph from March, April and May!

Between a short social media break and a twisting my ankle, I’m a little behind on my photo of the month. So this month I’m playing a little catch up with 3 photos!

My photo from March is a lovely little Dunnock enjoying the warm Spring sun.


My photo from April is a Coal Tit, spotted in a fantastic wild patch I have just found. It’s my new favourite place to visit, the birds are so bold and beautiful.


My photo from May is a little bee, found in my local patch. It certainly feeling Summery with all the buzzing bee beauties around!


I hope you are already for 30 Days Wild and National Insect Week! I’m certainly looking forward to an active and fun filled June!

Click to see my previous month photo here.

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National Insect Week – day 3

Today’s insect photo is of a Honey Bee!
I have a particular soft spot for Honey Bees, as my Grandpa was a bee keeper. I have fond childhood memories of his bees. When I visited my Grandparents, I used to love to go and say hello to the hives at the end of their garden. I enjoyed watching them as a child and I still enjoy the company bees as an adult.

Honey Bee

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