Day 16 & 17 #30DaysWild

Day 16

A late night trip to the supermarket gave me my unexpected wild moment of the day.

As I left the supermarket I decided that as it was no more miles and a pleasant drive, I would take the scenic route back home. You never know what you might see on those dark country roads…

As it turns out, moths was what I saw! Little flittering glints of white, highlighted by the cars head lights!

home and I came up to the junction for my turning. Not another soul in sight, no highlights, not even in the distance. I glance quickly up at the road sign, national speed limit and a large shadow. I paused. I took a longer look up, the shadow turned and looked down at me with the sharp eyes of an Owl! My heart leapt with joy as the Tawny Owl lifted its head up and in a split second it was off!

Snapping back to reality, I quickly regained my bearings and continued on my journey. As it turned out, it really was worth taking the scenic route home!

Day 17

I’ve been making a new educational game about bugs for work and today I did the finishing touches, painting plastic insects to make them look more wasp and bee like.

Day 17

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