Day 13 #30DaysWild

This morning I woke to a torrential downpour, I stood with my cup of tea and watched the splashes and ripples of the rain drops from my back door.

Day 13a.jpg

Later I headed out, after yesterday’s gardening exploits I was in need of some more compost. The little winding country roads are fantastic to explore, I often find myself taking a turning just to see what I can find. Upon spotting a hovering Kestrel, I pulled into a layby. The Kestrel disappeared, but I’d found somewhere new! I walked over a humpback bridge that passed over a canal and into the village of Shackerstone.

House Martins and Swallows flew over my head as I watched several families of Canada Geese enjoy the safety of a private lake. I walked along the edge of the village nearest the canal. I spotted a Green-Veined White butterfly come to rest on a Dog Rose flower, Sparrows having dust baths and House Martins collecting mud for their nests.

Day 13bDay 13cDay 13d

As I crossed a second bridge to head back towards my car, a ripple in the canal caught my eye, a Water Vole swam across the water and into the reeds on the other side. It’s only the second time I’ve seen a Water Vole and it was certainly the best view I’d ever seen! I was bloody thrilled!

Day 13e.jpg


2 thoughts on “Day 13 #30DaysWild

  1. docrichie says:

    The best things happen close to home, I’ve always somehow believed that.

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