My photograph from March

A friend of mine is a car park attendant, she likes to sprinkle a few peanuts and grain out in front of her kiosk for the local birds.

Little Dunnocks and Robins stop by, a pair of Blackbirds join them too. But my friend’s favourite visitor is a Crow. The Crow doesn’t just visit to snatch a tasty morsel or two, it wants my friend’s attention! It perches in the tree above the kiosk, caws loudly and breaks off twigs and pine cones to drop on the roof till my friend pops her head out to say hello to the friendly Crow!

My friend is singled out too, none of her fellow parking attendants get a greeting from the Crow.

I popped by last week to see my friend and had the honour to meet this handsome bird! This charismatic creature has now not just enchanted my friend, it has charmed me too!


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One thought on “My photograph from March

  1. docrichie says:

    I studied the Chough (Britain’s rarest crow) for my PhD. At one site in West Wales, even on a busy bank holiday, from my viewing station across a bay, the Choughs would pick me out and come over flying low. They would call a greeting, tip their wings like fighter pilots then return to their feeding ground on the other side of the bay. I never saw them do this for anyone else so it was pretty obvious they recognised me. My circular tour of all my sites was on a monthly basis, so they’d remember me for at least that length of time. They are certainly extraordinary birds.

    At home in North Devon, we have two Carrion crows which bang on the window to get us out of bed and feed them! Their parents did it too so it seems like a learned behaviour.

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