The Eclipse 2015

The eclipse at 9:10am

A day off work for me often leads to a luxurious lie-in, but not today! Today was the rare occurrence of a solar eclipse, certainly worth getting up for!

At twenty past eight this morning, getting up early did feel like a daft decision to make, thick cloud cover blocked any sign of the sun and the up-coming display. Fortunately, the clouds thinned a little, and the show was on the road!

As the moon began to creep across the face of the sun, I noticed how grey the light became, I felt a growing chill creep through the air, and I saw the birds grow restful.

With the sun regaining its daytime dominance, I saw the golden rays of morning hit the world for a second time that day, the air grew warm, and the birds began to sing.

What a glorious event to witness!

The eclipse at 9:20amThe eclipse at 10:00am

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