Milligan gaining grams

In a few short days my resident orphaned hoglet has grow so much he is now 200 grammes! A third of the way there!

He’s also picking and choosing his preferred foods! He’s not very keen on cat/dog food, walking straight through it to get to his favourite food of cat biscuits! He cracks them open for the soft inners, akin to an Oreo eater!

Some Meal Worms were added to the biscuit mix and were ignored by Milligan for a few days. But once tried, the tasty snacks disappears without so much of a crumb left!

These diet choices mean two things, lots of fresh water is needed and only a few grams are gained in weight.

So following the Hedgehog Preservation Society’s advice, some off-the-bone cooked chicken has been given to ‘Mills’. That was wolfed down incredible quickly! That gave Milligan’s weight the final push to the 200 gramme mark!

So all these tasty meals are put out for the growing hog, it’s up to him what he eats. I’m happy just as long as he’s eating and piling on the grams!


Milligan and his meals! 2

Milligan and his meals! 1










Newspaper has been used to line Milligan’s living space. The intention was to make it easier to clean the area out. However, Milligan has had other ideas! Why walk on the newspaper when you can walk under the newspaper? Leads to a rather sweet game peek-a-boo, when the food is changed and water replenish!











These aren’t the best photographs in the world, Milligan is as curious as he nervous of the camera, so he never sits still! I don’t want to over expose him to me either, I take one or two shots if the occasion arises but other wise he’s left to choble his food alone!


3 thoughts on “Milligan gaining grams

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Sure is a cute little guy!

  2. […] Milligan gaining grams […]

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